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Engineered Coated Fabrics That Extend Machine Life and Reduce Downtime

From components for advanced machine tools for automated assembly to flooring and wheels, Trelleborg’s value-added polymer solutions deliver reliable performance in critical manufacturing applications, optimizing and accelerating customers’ applications and processes.

ReevecoteTM by Trelleborg


For the mechanical sealing of fluids and gases to prevent leaks or as a barrier between two objects such as metals and gases/chemicals, use Trelleborg REEVECOTETM.

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CIPP Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation


Trelleborg’s innovative engineered high pile knit polyurethane product that can be impregnated with thermosetting resins, retrofitted into old pipes and then cured in place -- also known as CIPP trenchless pipe rehabilitation.  This technology is Ideal for repairing laterals and low-pressure sewer systems.

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High-ROI Manufacturing Coating Applications

Diaphragm Actuators

Diaphragm Actuators

Dock Seals

Dock Shelters

Industrial Hoses

Industrial Hoses

Lifting Bags

Lifting Bags

Flexible Storage Bladder

Flexible Storage Tank


Gaskets & Seals

Gas Meter

Gas Meters

General Industry

Conveyor Belts

Trelleborg is a partner that works with customers to identify their exact requirements for a customized coated material solution. Coatings such as Nitrile, Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene, Fluoroeslastomer, Chloroprene and EPDM offered. Substrates include nylon, fiberglass, polyester, Kevlar®, Meta-aramide Para-aramide and Nomex. Serves the aerospace, aerostats, automotive, healthcare & medical, manufacturing, marine, outdoor & recreation, defense & safety, and rail & mass transit industries.

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