About Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics (ECF)

Coating Tomorrow’s Innovations

At Trelleborg, our eyes are on tomorrow as our customer base expands, along with the amazing ideas they bring to our door and ask us to pilot to fruition.

Passion and pride drive better performance and provide us with purpose. We see each day as an opportunity to forge new ground, contribute to better sustainability, and be a part of the latest innovations that are designed to protect people, equipment, and our environment.

Our coating solutions are engineered for specific, highly-demanding applications. Our strength lies in our people, competence and engagement.

Around the world, Trelleborg employees are utilizing the latest coating, lamination, and hot melt technologies to achieve multiple material performance objectives simultaneously, such as extreme thermal management, flame resistance, water resistance, antibacterial, and UV and smoke toxicity protection. By combining advances in materials science and our ever-expanding capabilities, we’re coating tomorrow’s innovations.

We thank our current and future customers for the opportunity to continue coating tomorrow’s innovations.

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More Engineered Product Lines to Serve You

Over the years, we have grown due to acquisitions, which are now incorporated in our standard portfolio. These acquisitions expand our capabilities and product offerings to customers.

* Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics operations comprehensive product offering of polymer-coated gasketing materials includes products using the original product specifications and formulations of the calendered product line of Fairprene, Inc.®. Fairprene® is a registered trademark of Alpha Engineered Composites, LLC.