Business Areas


Group Management


Peter Nilsson

President and CEO Trelleborg  
Qualifications: M.Sc. Eng.
Other assignements: Chairman of the Board of Cibes Holding AB. Board member of Couplers Holdco AB, Trelleborg AB and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden
Previous experience: Business Area President at Trelleborg and positions within the Trelleborg Group, as well as management consultant at BSI.
Holdings 2020: 60,572 shares and 50,000 call options (2018)*.
Born: 1966.
Employed: 1995. In current position since 2005.

Charlotta Grähs

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Qualifications: Master of Law.
Previous experience: Group General Counsel at Dometic Group and Senior Corporate Counsel at Husqvarna Group, lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå and Hengeler Mueller Rechtsanwälte.
Holdings April 2021: 1,500 shares and 12,500 call options*. 
Born: 1971. 
Employed: 2014. In current position since 2014.

Jean-Paul Mindermann

Business Area President, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions
Qualifications: Graduate in business administration. 
Other assignments: President of Contex Holding GmbH and Board member of Herschel Infrared Ltd and Herschel Energy Ltd.
Previous experience: Business Unit President at the Trelleborg Group, President of Premia Group, CEO of Watts Industrial Tires and other senior management positions.
Holdings 2020: 8,500 shares 12,500 call options*.
Born: 1965. 
Employed: 2011. In current position since 2017.

Paolo Pompei

Business Area President, Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Qualifications: Graduate in economics, M.Sc. in International trade
Previous experience: Business Unit President at the Trelleborg Group.
Holdings 2020: 12,500 call options*.
Born: 1971.
Employed: 1999. In current position since 2017.


Patrik Romberg

Senior Vice President, Communications and Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Qualifications: MBA and university studies within behavioral science and education.
Previous experience: Various positions at the Trelleborg Group and Unilever.
Holdings 2020: 901 shares and 12,500 call options*.
Born: 1966. 
Employed: 2006. In current position since 2011.

Peter Hahn

Business Area President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Qualifications: M.Sc. Eng. and graduate in business administration. 
Previous experience: Business Unit President at the Trelleborg Group and various senior management positions at 4M Technologies, Leybold and Degussa.
Holdings 2020: 12,500 call options*   
Born: 1958. 
Employed: 2001. In current position since 2018.

Fredrik Nilsson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Qualifications: Graduate in business administration
Previous experience: CFO of AAK, different finance roles within Sandvik. 
Holdings 2020: 3,475 shares.
Born: 1977. 
Employed: 2021. In current position since 2021.