Simona - A Trailblazing Finance Leader Inspiring Excellence

Today, we highlight Simona, a remarkable finance leader who continually inspires us with her loyalty, dedication, and exceptional leadership.

 As a key player at our facility in Slovenia, Simona's expertise in numbers and unwavering support make her an invaluable asset to the organization. Her sense of humor adds a touch of positivity to every endeavor, making her a joy to work with.

Simona's passion for her work is evident in every task she undertakes, always putting Trelleborg's best interests first. Her commitment to excellence serves as a guiding light for the entire team, and we can always rely on her to deliver top-notch performance.

Beyond her professional achievements, Simona serves as a powerful role model for young finance professionals. As a woman in finance leadership, she breaks barriers and inspires the next generation to reach new heights in their careers.