Jordan Moniz: A Passionate Engineer

Jordan Moniz is an Industrialization Manager who joined the Trelleborg Industrial six years ago as part of the Boots business unit's manufacturing engineering team.

Since then, Jordan has taken on increasingly challenging roles, including leading manufacturing process installations at factories around the world.

Jordan's energy and passion for taking on new challenges have made him a standout member of the team. As one colleague explains, "Jordan inspires me because he is full of energy! He likes to take on challenges outside his comfort zone and is able to inspire his own management. He is courageous and never gives up. He has strong leadership skills."

Jordan brings Trelleborg's "Have an Impact" message to life through his work as a project manager for the construction of a new, 4,000 square meter manufacturing facility in France. Despite his young age, Jordan took charge of everything from the design phase to building final approval in 2023. This new facility will shape the Boots business in France and leave a lasting mark on the organization for the next 15 years.

Motivation and passion are Jordan's drivers, and his commitment to excellence is evident in everything he does.