Johanna's Internship Insights

Embracing Growth with Kindness

What has been the most challenging aspect of your internship so far, and how have you overcome it?
For me, the enormity of Trelleborg Group was initially overwhelming. Being part of a massive ongoing project, like an employee survey for over 16,000 people, felt both daunting and immensely educational. The sheer scale is hard to grasp, but with unwavering trust in my supervisor, Andreas Hjalmarsson, I believe he'll guide me through the process and help me focus where needed.


Can you share a key takeaway or skill you've gained in the past month that you find particularly valuable for you?
Working at a global giant like Trelleborg Group AB has underscored the significance of having present and willing supervisors. The insights gained from one-on-one conversations with Andreas Hjalmarsson and Nina Wallander are invaluable. These amazing HR professionals have graciously shared their time and knowledge, leaving me forever grateful.
And on a personal note, a timeless lesson I'd share globally is to always be kind. It's not a new skill, but a universal language that transcends boundaries, making a positive impact everywhere.


What is the most surprising or unexpected fact you've learned this month?
The surprise for me was discovering the vast range of involvement the HR department has, from the smallest events to large projects. What's truly enlightening is that, in the end, all projects carry equal importance, showcasing the diverse and impactful role HR plays in the organization.