Leniter Ballast Mat System

Leniter Ballast Mat System

Rail lines and surrounding areas are subjected to significant vibration generated by the passage of rolling stock. This structural vibration can have a significant negative impact for both the track system and the neighbouring communities and businesses.

An under-ballast solution, Trelleborg’s Leniter Ballast Mat system is installed directly under the track ballast, providing enhanced vibration isolation and protection to the rail track components. The system extends the period of track availability between rail tamping scheduled maintenance, alongside delivering the environmental benefit of reduced disturbance, through a reduction in local noise pollution.

Trelleborg’s Leniter Ballast mat system is a fit and forget solution, tailored to each individual application to meet and exceed the required attenuation targets. Installing a combined Leniter Ballast Mat and reduced ballast system, offers improved performance compared to a ballast only system.

Tunable attenuation properties and dimensions; there is no compromise on performance

Flexible and durable material

Long product life lowering the overall long-term cost of track installation

Enhanced noise attenuation; improving the noise levels for local communities

Extends the rail track life; improving revenue potential through increased track availability

Fit and forget solution; tailored to each individual application to meet and exceed attenuation targets

Key Appications

Light rail

Ballasted tracks

New rail projects

Rail upgrades and ballast replacement projects

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Leniter Ballast Mat