Leniter Acoustic Barrier System

Noise pollution from urban rail lines can cause a significant amount of problems for neighboring businesses and communities, increasing the need for noise barrier solutions to protect local environments and mitigate noise levels from rail rolling stock. 
Trelleborg’s Leniter Acoustic Barrier System is a noise-reducing modular track-side barrier system, that can be installed along various lengths of a rail track, in both urban and countryside environments, quickly and easily with minimal ongoing maintenance required. 
The Leniter Acoustic Barrier system is a proven noise attenuation solution, engineered to provide acoustic noise absorption up to 43dBa.  Barriers are fully customizable to individual project requirements, with a variety of barrier heights, colors, and designs available to ensure the system blends in and complements surroundings while delivering superior noise absorption performance.
In addition to proven noise attenuation, the Leniter Acoustic Barrier System provides a safe and secure solution to preventing unwanted access to rail tracks, protecting people and property from damage.
Made to order in the UK from recyclable and recycled materials, the barriers are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, with a design life of up to 20 years.

how does it work

Barriers are made from a variety of materials that dampen noise and remove the energy from sound waves, reducing the amount of radiated sound that passes through the barrier system.

Proven noise attenuation 38dBA

Proven noise absorption 43dBA

Up to 20-year design life

Modular construction - varying heights, widths and thicknesses can be produced to meet project specifications

Made to order, high, widths and thicknesses can be produced to meet project specifications

Customizable colors and designs

Non hazardous materials

Recyclable at end of service life

UV corrosion resistant


Inner city urban areas


Protection of unmanned areas

Rural communities

Housing Developments


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Leniter Acoustic Barrier, Trelleborg Applied Technologies

Leniter Acoustic Barrier System