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Trelleborg’s UL certified and approved DryFoam™ is a passive fire protection system designed for vapor suppression and fire prevention. When deployed, DryFoam™ will intumesce, separating the oxygen from the fuel and will smother the fire.

DryFoam™ is a floating bed of easily deployed spheres, that contour to any shape tank and suppresses over 90% of hydrocarbon vapors reducing the risk of fires from failed rim seals and other types of maintenance.

Considerably reduces vapors

Reduces product loss

Significantly mitigates vapor cloud scenarios

Conforms to irregular shapes

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solutions can be used for the below application

Sunken roofs

On top of the hydrocarbon liquid

Storage tanks or barges

Sumps, horizontal vessels, irregular shaped containers

Rim seal or Column void fill

Floating roofs or seals


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DryFoam™ certification

UL Certification for DryFoam™

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