Trelleborg developed Uraduct®+ for applications where pipelines or cables are subjected to high levels of abrasion and it is now considered to be an ultimate protection solution.


Abrasion protection

Polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance. This makes Uraduct®+ ideal for dynamic applications where the host cable or pipeline may move relative to the seabed. 

Dropped object protection

Designed to provide impact protection to reduce the risk of dropped object damage.

Bespoke designs

Custom Uraduct®+ designs can  protect multiple cable or pipeline configurations.

Proven track record

Uraduct®+ has an enviable track record of over 30 years, used in a variety of worldwide locations and environments.

Key Applications

Seabed touch down locations

Dropped object zones

Subsea cable crossings

Bundled cables and pipelines


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Ballast Uraduct

Njord Uraduct®

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