Trelleborg Unveils Next Generation Shock Mounts

Trelleborg Unveils Next Generation Shock Mount 
Designed for the effective, safe isolation of vibration in lower-loading applications and with an innovative modular design, a new family of shock mounts for marine equipment has been launched by Trelleborg’s industrial anti vibration solutions operation.

Metacone™ Shock Mounts have been introduced to protect light weight, critical loads in marine applications. With lower loadings of 200 to 700 kilograms, the new mounts join a wide portfolio of Trelleborg shock mounts including the higher-load Super D and Equi-Frequency ranges to provide an effective anti-vibration system for small to medium applications. Featuring the highest levels of deflection, Metacone™ Shock Mounts are ideal for propulsion engines, alternator sets, machinery rafts, pumps, compressors and other sensitive equipment.

In a first for Trelleborg, the new range is simpler to install due to its round modular design, which enables fine-tuning of the mount’s stiffness without seating modifications. Its modularity allows replacement of the rubber element at major overhauls without the need for a new housing – enhancing life cycle cost savings. In addition, the housing can be customized to individual customer demands if required. 

Matt Easthope, Product Engineering Director at Trelleborg’s industrial anti-vibration solutions operation explained: “We have developed this product range in line with customer demands for higher levels of equipment protection, which can only be achieved by larger shock articulation. To achieve this, the design features a non-linear displacement capability of up to 110mm vertically, and 50mm horizontally. In addition, dissimilar horizontal stiffness enables improved system design and optimisation of isolation performance. 

“Metacone™ Shock Mounts have been specifically engineered for marine equipment and are able to support a load of up to 700 kilogram per mount. Like all our solutions, the range features rubber compounds that are custom-formulated in our own laboratory. Finally, the mounts are 100% tested before they reach the customer to provide a guarantee of quality and performance”. 

Metacone™ Shock Mounts provide a large displacement capability, coupled with excellent levels of noise and vibration isolation that safeguard equipment and create an improved working environment for operators. Metacone™ Shock Mounts draw on more than 80 years of Trelleborg experience in rubber-to-metal bonding to reduce vibration and protect critical components.

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