Trelleborg cuts vibration at low speeds with new High Deflection engines mounts for boats

Trelleborg cuts vibration at low speeds with new High Deflection engine mounts for boats 

Trelleborg’s industrial anti-vibration solutions operation has launched two new marine engine mounts – the high deflection (HD) Cushyfloat and the mini HD Cushyfloat – to provide improved vibration isolation and passenger comfort on marine vessels.

Based on Trelleborg’s most popular marine engine mount, the Cushyfloat, the new solutions have been purpose-designed to alleviate excessive vibrations caused by an increase in engine power on lightweight hulls.

Specifically, the new HD Cushyfloat is specially developed using a unique rubber compound, which increases its ability to provide improved vibration isolation, especially when travelling at low speeds due to harbor restrictions, for example.

Bill Mortel, Director – Materials and Technology at Trelleborg’s industrial anti-vibration solutions operation, says: “When operating at low speeds, the level of unwanted vibration caused by the boat engine increases. This creates a more difficult environment for a standard mount to isolate those vibrations. As such, a specialist solution was required and so our HD Cushyfloat was born.”

Vibration is passed through the mount to the rest of the vessel, the amount of which depends on how well the mount isolates the vibrations. As such, the rate at which the mount deflects under the various landing conditions of a marine engine is critical to ensure a smoother, quieter ride for passengers and workers onboard.

Mortel continues: “Vertical and lateral buffering within the HD Cushyfloat’s design limits the movement of the engine in tough service conditions. Similarly, it has an interchangeable footprint with existing mounts, which makes retrofit easy and trouble free. Furthermore with an in-built deflection gauge as standard, the installation and alignment of the engine is simplified.”

Going a step further from the existing product range, Trelleborg’s new mini HD Cushyfloat incorporates the use of engineered plastics. This ensures a corrosion resistant, lightweight product that offers greater environmental protection in harsh environments as well as lower maintenance costs, with no compromise in product performance.