Full service

Two men by a truck tire

Full service

Now active in a number global markets, Trelleborg’s Interfit service concept helps forklift dealers and manufacturers deliver outstanding tire-replacement services to their customers.

Interfit provides outstanding aftersales tire services on behalf of forklift suppliers across the globe, ensuring customers prompt and efficient tire replacement. It may be everything from answering customer-service calls from forklift owners and engineers to providing cost estimates and sending out service technicians to supply new forklift tires.

Interfit can arrange and manage all of a forklift supplier’s tire replacement, and can work closely to develop sales, deliver training and help to market the aftersales program. About 90 percent of Interfit’s customers are OEM equipment dealers who are selling and leasing forklifts and operate aftermarket parts programs. Interfit works with all the main forklift suppliers and the other part of the customer base is large end users that have significant fleets of their own that they manage.

While the exact arrangement varies from case to case, Interfit typically takes service calls from the customer’s customer – forklift purchasers or leasers – and dispatches help. In some markets, Interfit uses mobile presses to replace the tire. But in markets where there is difficult traffic or areas that are harder to reach, it makes more sense to turn up with a complete exchange wheel.

Interfit is now central to an innovative new business concept known as I-Rent, which is aimed at boosting dealer revenue. Forklift companies are currently unable to offer all-inclusive leases to their customers. But with the I-Rent Web solution, dealers will be able to provide agreements to supply all the tires customers will need. Interfit will then replace tires at application-appropriate intervals using high-quality Trelleborg tires. 

For more information, please go to: www.trelleborg.com/wheels