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Using Our Strengths To Accelerate Your Performance

At Trelleborg, we use our strong core capabilities to provide cutting-edge solutions that can enhance the performance of your business. 

Accelerating performance in the field 

Trelleborg’s Blue Tire technology is one of several ways we accelerate performance for our customers. Blue Tire helps farming professionals work more efficiently and produce more in a sustainable way – explore selected results below.

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Better plowing performance

Working time of 37 min./Ha saves costs on fuel, maintenance and manpower. 

Extra-wide footprint

Low soil compaction preserves ground crop health and boosts yield.

Long-life benefits

A tire lasting 860 hours more than the market average enhances cost efficiency.

Reduce fuel consumption

Using 12 percent less fuel on the road reduces costs and emissions.

Sustainable materials

BlueTire™ technology uses new eco-friendly materials for better sustainability.

The power to make a difference

Superior traction reduces operating costs and emissions.

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Optimize tire pressure to boost productivity, cut costs and protect the soil