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Hotspot component - Forklift

Fuel System
Forklifts have three primary options when it comes to what powers the truck: an internal combustion engine, electric power and hydrogen fuel cells. These three options are fundamentally different and require unique sealing solutions to seal system components, prevent leakage and keep fuel and lubrication from being contaminated by outside particles.
Hydraulic System
High-performance radial oil seals, engineered molded parts, Quad-Ring® seals/X-Rings and O-Rings in the hydraulic system ensure all components on the forklift function seamlessly.
Drivetrain Components
Rotary seals, engineered molded parts, custom machined Orkot® profiles seal and support the vital drivetrain components that keep the forklift operating efficiently.

A multitude of attachment options are available for forklifts to extend their range and capabilities. Hydraulic cylinders and valves supporting forklift attachments need to be reliable and withstand heavy loads. While preventing leakage both internally and externally on the cylinders, sealing solutions must offer easy installation and long service life.

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Lift & Mast Mechanisms

Zurcon®, HiMod® and Orkot® materials in highly engineered seal and wear ring profiles ensure maximum performance in the critical mast applications that are paramount to forklift functionality.

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