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Fire Protection

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There are two types of fire protection, active and passive. Active fire protection sytems are activated either mechnically or electronically. A typical example of an active fire protection system would be sprinklers. Passive fire protection refers to fire resistant compartments, for example consisting of fire resistant walls or doors.

We manufacture both active and passive fire protection systems. ELASTOPIPETM is a patented flexible piping system designed for deluge and sprinkler systems in harsh environments. Elastopipe is made of synthetic rubber and replaces rigid steel, titanium, copper, nickel and fibreglass piping.
The unique properties of Elastopipe make it ideal in deluge and sprinkler systems on offshore oil and gas installations, it is ideal for use in hazardous environments. It can be used to augment existing systems or as a complete replacement for old systems.
Elastopipe is also ideal for use in temporary deluge systems when high safety levels need to be maintained during modifications. Its flexibility is such that it can be moved and reused.
With safety being paramount in the offshore market, we have developed a rubber based fire protection system. The main pupose of this system is to protect personnel by providing escape routes, protect equipment and components by minimising fire escalation and to buy time so that any fire can be brought under control.
This Firestop system can withstand a blast of 2.1bar and jet fires of more than 2 hours. Typically a jet fire has a turbulent diffusing flame, resulting from the combustion of a steady release of pressurised liquid or gaseous fuel. Typical temperature is 1100 to 1300°C
We also manufacture the HPT range of high performance flexible fire seals. These seals are manufactured from a composite layer of modern, cost-effective high temperature textiles, metallic vapour foils and insulation felts contained within a neoprene glass textile envelope. A number of HPT Pipe Penetration Seals have been approved by both Lloyd's Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas. Most of the products are available in a range of fire ratings from A-0 to H-120, including Jetfire up to 2 hours and blast over pressure up to 1.2bar.
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