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Trelleborg design, develop and manufacture a wide range of solutions for the Topside market. In the most demanding of industries and in the harshest of environments, we can be relied upon in a variety of applications from providing safety and protection for personnel and equipment to corrosion protection. Our experience and knowledge of this market are unsurpassed.

In the Topside market our material innovation capabilities allow us to develop unique solutions. Our expertise in material behaviour and our engineering know-how mean that we can be relied upon to provide protection in the most critical and demanding of applications. We use our knowledge of the unique properties of rubber to provide both active and passive fire protection as well as corrosion protection and over bend control solutions in the offshore oil and gas market.
Fire Protection
The ELASTOPIPETM system is one of our range of fire protection solutions that utilise our knowledge of the properties of rubber
Corrosion Protection
Rubber is chemically resistant to most corrosive liquids and gases that are encountered in offshore oil & gas environments.
Over bend Control
We manufacture solutions preventing flexible pipes and umbilicals from overbending at the interface between flexible and rigid structures

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