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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation
Vikotherm™ R2 is Trelleborg’s commitment to helping you ensure optimal high pressure and high temperature flow performance.

Due to the possible risk of clogging of subsea oil and gas piping, thermal insulation is both necessary and recommended, especially for subsea activities. The requirement for thermal insulation is generally governed by the temperature of the oil / gas and the distance from the subsea well to the platform or FPSO. The solution must be watertight, and able to withstand the very high hydrostatic pressures at the seabed, as well as being impact resistant and provide a long service life.
Vikotherm™ R2, a rubber based subsea thermal insulation, has 30 years of experience built in. The system combines flexibility and robustness and gives protection for the lifespan of subsea installations. Our state of the art technology is designed to perform in extreme environments.

The three layer coating system provides HISC / corrosion protection and excellent thermal insulation properties. The system is seawater, impact and creep resistant.

 Vikotherm™ R2 Benefits:
  • Flexible and robust
  • Unlimited coating thickness to meet any U-value requirement
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Good adhesion to metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Excellent corrosion and HISC protection
  • High specific heat capacity    

Vikotherm™ R2 Features:
  • Operating temperature range from -49°C to +155°C / -56°F to 311°F
  • High elongation at break > 200%
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Elastomeric system
  • Low density systems < 800 kg/m3
  • Suitable for hot wet applications up to 155°C
  • Inner layer provides corrosion / HISC protection

Apply Vikotherm™ R2 on:

  • Jumpers and spool pieces
  • Tie in spools
  • Manifolds
  • Subsea XMT
  • Risers and flowlines
  • Pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs)
  • Pipeline end terminations (PLETs)
  • Joints
  • Horizontal and Vertical Connection Systems (HCS and VCS )
  • Insulation covers
  • Dog houses
  • Flange connections

For all thermal insulation material please check:

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