XploR™ S-Seal ile Yüksek Basınç ve Sıcaklık Yaylı Sızdırmazlık

XploR™ S-Seal kataloğunda en zorlu Petrol, Gaz ve Enerji uygulamaları için sızdırmaz sızdırmazlık hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Exploring more challenging oil fields means operating in increasingly harsh conditions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of innovative solutions to withstand the hostile operating environments encountered.

XploR™ S-Seal provides reliable, bi-directional sealing for challenging applications, including casing strings and tubing hangers in wellheads, static HPHT connections, downhole tools, and subsea risers. It offers leak-tight performance even with relatively rough surface finishes, at pressures up to 15,000 psi and temperatures up to +500 °F / +260 °C, or 30,000 psi / 207 MPa at ambient temperatures.

High-extrusion resistance is ensured by integrally molded helical springs and it’s easy to specify and install with a flexible and stretchable one-piece design that fits international standard O-Ring grooves.

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