A Reliable Partner for Safe Medical Devices - Trelleborg at Compamed 2022

Pressebild Trelleborg Compamed 2022
Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical is showcasing its extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of safe sealing solutions for customers in the medical industry at Compamed 2022 at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany, Stand F02 in Hall 8a, from November 14 to 17.

Visitors to the stand will experience how Trelleborg can help customers meet the stringent requirements and global standards of the healthcare and medical industry with safe and durable solutions. From the initial idea to the deliverable product and beyond, Trelleborg partners with customers to guide them through the development process, providing support in specification of materials including application-specific hoses, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moldings, and the production of parts using multicomponent processes.

Full Expertise in Materials, Product Design & Manufacturing

Florance Veronelli, Segment Manager Healthcare & Medical Europe, says: "Trelleborg offers full expertise in material selection, product design and manufacturing capabilities for medical devices. At Compamed we will demonstrate how we partner with customers to develop vital technologies from the very beginning. 

"Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical invests heavily in research and development, operating eight competence centers worldwide, including one in Stuttgart, Germany, and one in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. At our Rapid Development Center in Delano, Minnesota, US, we use innovative technologies to support the product development of medical and pharmaceutical components, and to produce and test multiple design iterations within a very short period of time to expedite market readiness."
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GeoTrans™ Silicone Extrusion

Among the products featured at this year's Compamed are multi-lumen LSR tubing for a variety of critical applications including pacemakers and urological implants. Trelleborg's proprietary GeoTrans™ extrusion process enables creation of an even greater variety of tubing geometries during extrusion, allowing for a wide range of customer-specific designs. GeoTrans™ also allows for silicone to change cross-section during extrusion to eliminate molding and secondary bonding steps, providing a strong, hygienic design. These attributes reduce risks, the amount of work involved in assembly and downstream processes, and lower costs, while significantly improving the usability of medical products.
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Active Pharmaceutical Capabilities

Also featured are combination products, where a medical device incorporates an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Becoming increasingly important in medical treatment, combination products are applied or implanted directly to an affected site and offer numerous advantages over oral administration, injection or infusion. Benefits include the ability to provide very precise dosing and the reduction of side effects outside an affected site. 

The process is ideal for production of skin patches for pain relief or anti-inflammatory implants for the treatment of conditions including eye diseases. Trelleborg will present several examples of such implants and showcase our expertise in the complete development, manufacture and assembly process of drug delivery components, including a silicone matrix in combination with one or more APIs.
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Micromolding & Multicomponent Molding

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical also offers some of the most sophisticated micromolding capabilities for overmolding LSR or plastic over another substrate, such as metal or electronic components. This technique can reduce the overall size of the assembled part and eliminate the need to combine multiple small components together in a secondary process. Multicomponent molding can extend design options as no other technology can do, giving medical device developers the opportunity to go beyond function. As product profiles are virtually boundless, medical device designers may not even be aware of the potential possibilities.

About Compamed 2022

COMPAMED is a leading platform for state-of-the-art medical technology. Together with exciting newcomers, the most important companies in the industry will demonstrate the products and technology concepts that will have a lasting impact in the future. The focus will be on innovative materials, forward-looking components and new services. 
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