Introducing High-Performance Polymers
Key takeaways:
  • How thermoplastic products can solve your engineering challenges
  • Where our solutions can consolidate multiple parts, reduce weight, or improve strength
  • Why thermoplastic materials offer advantages over more traditional materials
Introducing APIs to Silicone & Controlling Elution Rates
Key takeaways: 
  • An understanding of the market trends supporting increased development
  • Familiarity with the early uses of drug elution as well as our expectations on where it will go
  • Excipient materials used as well as the manufacturing methods that can be employed
  • A detailed breakdown of multiple ways APIs can be introduced to silicone
  • A better view of alternative methods for introducing APIs to silicone via several case studies presented
Isolast® K-Fab™ 
Key takeaways
  • Learn about the unique puzzle-shaped connection between the flange insert and elastomer element, making assembly of the flange considerably easier 
  • Find out how the Isolast® K-Fab flange seal contributes to significantly lowering the overall cost of manufacture of microchips  
  • Hear about our range of solutions engineered for your critical Subfab applications  

Advanced Isolast® Capabilities
Key takeaways:
  • Learn about our innovative FFKM sealing solutions, beyond standard O-Rings
  • Find out about our range of products – from tiny microseals to giant Fleximold™ parts
  • Understand how we combine material, manufacturing and engineering capabilities to solve your most challenging applications
Webinar Zurcon Excluder ESA
Key takeaways:
On April 5, 6 & 7, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace expert Marc Flageole, Project Engineer with TSS Aerospace Hub Americas hosted the “Zurcon® Excluder® ESA’’ webinar, to discuss a new TSS scraper aimed at Landing Gear applications. This new scraper that will enhance TSS Aerospace’s current portfolio and offer customers a new solution. Join to learn about the background of Trelleborg’s latest addition to the Aerospace product portfolio and learn technical design details, test results and the materials used in this product. Also, gain insight into where and how this new scraper can be used and how Trelleborg can help facilitate a smooth transition.
iCast™ LSR
Webinar iCast
Key takeaways of the webinar include:
  • Gain an understanding of how iCast™ technology meets the demand for low volume quantities to minimize the transition time from design to manufacturing
  • See how digitalization and innovative manufacturing technologies are used to reduce the lead time for LSR products
  • Learn how parts produced with iCast™ technology compare to standard injection molded parts
Orkot C620
Webinar Orkot C620
Key takeaways of the webinar include:
  • Discover how Orkot® C620 can reduce weight and increase efficiency
  • Learn how the new material enhances performance
  • Understand how it compares with other composite and metallic bearings
XploR™  S-Seal and XploR™  FS-Seal
XploR™ S-Seal and XploR™ FS-Seal
Key takeaways of the webinar include:
  •  Discover how the new XploRTM S and FS-Seals can benefit you by simplifying installation and lowering total cost of ownership
  • Understand how these seals improve the safety of critical systems in high pressure and temperature environments
  • Learn how the flexible one-piece seal design optimizes sealing performance for leak-free applications
  • Find out about our high-performance XploR materials, which are compliant to relevant global industry standards
Webinar SealWelding Technology
Key takeaways
  • Reduces down-time with in-situ seal change out
  • Delivers cost and time savings 
  • Offers a sustainable solution, decreasing environmental impact 
  • Allows for the upgrading of existing equipment with innovative Trelleborg designs and materials
Webinar Multicomponent Technology
Key takeaways
  • Explore the manufacturing technology behind multicomponent solutions
  • Learn which material combinations are possible
  • Discover our development center capabilities
  • Understand the key benefits of multicomponent solutions
Rapid Development Center Webinar
Webinar Rapid Development Center
Key takeaways:
  • Understand the benefits of the Rapid Development Center and how it supports customers accelerate the time to market for new products
  • Learn how this service streamlines the transition from design to prototyping and finally serial production
  • Meet our dedicated experts, who support design, materials, process and quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the project
Thermoplastic Composites
Thermoplastic Composites
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Review thermoplastic composite manufacturing, including in-situ consolidation via automated fiber placement (AFP)
  • Discover the importance of thermoplastic composite use in e-mobility
  • Learn the commercial uses of advanced composite bearings
  • Understand the serial manufacturing process of thermoplastic composite tubes
  • Review the commercial success of thermoplastic composites for downhole O&G applications
Aerospace Simulation of Customer Projects
Simulation of Customer Projects

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Learn about seal simulation capabilities, as well as specific capabilities for aerospace products and applications
  • Find out about material characterization and simulation verification testing
  • Understand how Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be performed for a wide range of aerospace products, including airframe seals, engine seals and bearings for landing gear
  • Learn how Moldflow analysis ensures high quality custom molded parts by analyzing the manufacturing process
Advanced Composites for Energy Applications
Advanced Composites for Energy Applications

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Discover how Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Composites outperform traditional chopped fiber and thermoset composites and metallic structures in aggressive operating environments
  • Learn the advantages of selective reinforcement via Automated Fiber Placement, including complex shapes and customization to accommodate specific loading requirements
  • Discuss industry use cases, including composite bearings for low-friction wear applications and shields for structural strength, as well as applications requiring signal transparency
  • Learn how high-performance composites can improve efficiency and environmental impact through weight reduction, low friction, wear resistance, and extended service life
FoodPro® E75F1
FoodPro® E75F1 Ensure Safe Sealing in Food Processing
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Learn about the features and benefits of FoodPro® E75F1
  • Discover how this material saves time and costs in the food and beverage equipment manufacturing process
  • Understand global food contact material regulations and why global compliance is important
  • Learn about the molding capabilities of this material and the benefits multi-component parts in food and beverage processing
  • Find out about the intensive testing process undertaken to prove this material’s compatibility with process and cleaning media used in CIP and SIP cleaning regimes
Aircraft Interior Solutions
Aircraft Interior Solutions
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Learn about Trelleborg’s comprehensive portfolio of polymer processing capabilities for aircraft cabin components including extruded thermoplastics and elastomers, injection molded thermoplastics, elastomeric gaskets and seals, and more.
  • Find out about polymer materials used within the aircraft cabin, and the processing methods for each
  • Understand the regulations and primary customer requirements for thermoplastic and elastomer components used in the cabin of the aircraft
Advanced Semiconductor Processes

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Learn about the market-leading features and benefits of the new Isolast® PureFab™ material range
  • Find out about the intensive testing process undertaken to prove the performance of these materials, including plasma erosion tests in the most common process gasses, long-term mechanical tests, and purity tests including trace metal analysis and outgassing
  • Determine how extensive competitor benchmarking helps identify the best offering and reduces risk when qualifying new materials in highly sensitive environments
  • Discover how this material saves time & costs for semiconductor manufacturers
  • Understand how Isolast® PureFab™ materials extend seal life and prevent contamination, even in the most demanding semiconductor processes

MDR Requirements
Tackle MDR requirements

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Gain an understanding about MDR material related requirements
  • Learn how a partner-like approach helps you identify and fulfil these demands
  • Discuss requirements and solution approaches with Trelleborg experts
Correct Material Selection for Semicon Applications
Correct Material Selection for Semicon Applications

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Why choosing the right elastomer sealing material is crucial to maintain vacuum integrity in semiconductor processes therefore keeping the tool downtimes at minimum
  • Explore our new polymer material range for semiconductor applications and its properties
  • Discover specific Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) capabilities to predict the lifetime of the sealing parts
Turcon VL Seal II
Turcon VL Seal II
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Learn about the new features of Turcon® VL Seal® II and how the seal can reduce aircraft maintenance with ’sealed for life‘ components
  • Find out about the seal’s back-pumping performance and its contribution to aircraft weight reduction
  • Understand installation configurations and the way in which the tandem sealing system enhances flight safety
  • Obtain an overview of application examples for the Turcon® VL Seal® II and learn about its benefits in a wide range of sealing situations
  • Directly ask our aerospace experts any questions you have during the interactive Q&A session
Aircraft Galley Polymer Capabilities
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Take an in-depth look at sealing solutions for selected galley applications
  • Gain knowledge on government regulations and material compliance requirements related to galley applications
  • Learn how Trelleborg can support your application design and development process
  • Develop and understanding of our manufacturing capabilities and the services we offer to support customers
Understanding Molding Complexity
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Learn how multi-component LSR technology can simplify application design and the assembly process
  • Understand potential design challenges how they can be averted using multi-component molding
  • Examine different methods of combining materials with injection molding
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of involving silicone component manufacturers early in the development process (aid in selecting the right design layout and FEAs, prototyping support in your applications)
Advanced Composites in Electric Systems

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • How thermoplastic composites improve the efficiency and performance of electrical systems
  • Why Automated Fiber Placement of Thermoplastic Composites is an ideal manufacturing process for composite structures
  • How Thermoplastic Composites outperform traditional thermoset composites and metallic structures
  • Why these composites are well-suited for use as electrical insulators and EMI shielding
Airframe Manufacturing Capabilities
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Understand the breadth of capabilities across all sites available to our customer.
  • Demonstrations of these capabilities using a range of materials (incl Fabric, Composite, Metallic reinforcements)
  • Understand complexity and process involved in fabricating reinforced seals
  • See a range of tooling and curing processes
  • See a range of finishing options
  • See the impact of Design for Manufacture in cost of product without jeopardizing seal performance.
  • Have an understanding of pros and cons of various techniques including benefits to our customer as well as manufacturing
advanced extrusion technologies for medical device design
Advanced extrusion technologies for medical device design
Takeaways include:
  • Get a better understanding of the trends in medical device design 
  • Highlight the value of silicone polymers for medical devices 
  • Understand how our advanced extrusion technologies can benefit your medical devices based on several case studies
Artificial Intelligence
Key takeaways of the webinar:
  • Basics of AI: essential techniques and applications in our daily lives
  • How AI is utilized in industrial applications and where further potential lies
  • AI considerations within sealing technology - functionality and end user applications
Künstliche Intelligenz
  • Grundlagen von künstlicher Intelligenz: Grundlegende Verfahren und Anwendungen im Alltag
  • Wie wird künstliche Intelligenz in den verschiedenen Industriebranchen eingesetzt und wo gibt es Potential?
  • Künstliche Intelligenz in der Dichtungstechnik: Funktionsweise und Möglichkeiten für Kundenanwendungen
UHT Seals
Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Learn how and why elastomer seals are evolving to meet new aircraft and engine requirements
  • Understand the importance of high temperature functional load testing vs. traditional static material testing
  • See comprehensive test results verifying performance under load at elevated temperatures
  • Recognize how to achieve better performance with lighter weight lower system cost
Lubrication Management
Enter this Webinar to learn:

  • How and why hydraulic sealing systems have developed over time into the state-of-the-art systems we use today
  • The concept and principles of Lubrication Management technology
  • About the tests that have been performed to prove the effectiveness of Lubrication Management technology
Webinar Fluidi idraulici

Questo webinar approfondisce i fluidi idraulici, i trend e le implicazioni sulla compatibilità dei materiali.

Counter Surfaces Aerospace
This webinar presents how you can optimize performance of your hydraulic systems. 

Learn why tribology is the key to optimizing sealing performance in any hydraulic system and which crucial role Lubrication Management plays in extending performance limits considerably. This extended approach for the description of mating surfaces for dynamic seals takes into account the trend toward alternative coating processes with regard to the necessary substitution of chrome.