Trelleborg Showcases New High-Temperature Seal for Semiconductor Subfab Applications 

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions showcases its newly launched Isolast® K-Fab™ Seal, which provides long-term sealing and increased operational efficiency in high-temperature semiconductor subfab applications, at Semicon Taiwan in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei City, Taiwan at booth number N0880, September 14 to 16, 2022.

Reliable Sealing Solutions

Ethan Huang, Semiconductor Segment Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “With extreme temperatures and increasingly more aggressive chemical effluents being handled in semiconductor subfab environments, a reliable sealing solution is essential to preventing premature failure. Highly resistant to the complex chemistries and the extreme temperatures found in critical subfab environments, the Isolast® K-Fab™ Seal provides the ideal alternative sealing solution to the traditional O-Ring. 

“With considerable ease of installation thanks to the unique design of the elastomer element which makes a puzzle-shaped connection to the flange insert, the Isolast® K-Fab™ Seal facilitates extended preventative maintenance cycles and considerably lower cost of ownership. Semicon Taiwan provides the perfect platform to showcase the Isolast® K-Fab™ Seal to those it can benefit most.”

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Optimal Seal Design

Formulated from perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), a custom seal geometry utilizes significantly less rubber to eliminate overfill and extrusion, resulting in improved thermal properties, and elimination of thermal expansion and groove overfill. The seal geometry can withstand misalignment of the flange when compared to an O-Ring, for easy assembly. This optimal seal design increases performance, especially with varying pressure or vacuum conditions for increased service life and overall lower cost of ownership. 

The Isolast® K-Fab™ Seal is temperature resistant for use up to +327 °C / +620 °F dependent on the material selection. Flexible use of elastomer materials is intended to lower the overall cost of ownership by matching the material performance with the application. Suitable for combination with both aluminum or stainless steel, the Isolast® K-Fab™ Flange Seal can be manufactured from a range of elastomer materials including Isolast® FFKM, Isolast® PureFab™ FFKM, PureFab™ FKM for ultra-high purity, and standard FKM.

During the three-day event, Trelleborg’s technical experts will also be on hand to discuss how its Turcon® Variseal® NW provides cost-effective and optimal sealing in the most extreme of processing applications, and how its Variseal® PS™ provides equipment manufacturers and end users with a sealing solution compatible with virtually all chemical media. Additionally, visitors to Trelleborg’s stand will be able to discover HMF FlatSeal™, its range of flat gasket materials for effective static sealing in low and high-temperature applications.

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About Semicon Taiwan 2022

Held over three days, Semicon Taiwan is an international trade fair for semiconductor technology that enables visitors to discover the latest pioneering technology used in the development and manufacture of semiconductors, solar cells and other micro and nanoelectronics product applications. 

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