Issues in the Construction and Mining industry

Tackling the most important issues in the Construction & Mining industry

Construction and mining operations require equipment and infrastructure capable of providing long life with the minimum of downtime when working in the harshest of environments.


Mining operations are complex and at each stage innovative solutions are required to maximize productivity.

Trelleborg AVS Off-Highway Brochure

Discover Trelleborg’s anti-vibration and suspension solutions for construction vehicles that ensure operator comfort.


Operator safety is paramount on construction sites and vehicles must meet stringent noise and vibration requirements.

Mining Products and Solutions

From raw material to refined minerals, explore Trelleborg’s products for the mining industry.


Increasing length of life of tires in difficult workplaces protects the environment from wasted rubber.

The Brawler tire

Specialized solid tires maximize life in destructive recycling environments, withstanding even rolling over metal waste.

Businesses to accelerate your performance  

Trelleborg has multiple business units and product areas providing high-performance engineered solutions to the construction and mining industry.

Trelleborg tires for industry construction

Industrial & Construction Tires

Trelleborg’s field-tested construction tires have premium compounding and aggressive tread patterns that combine to create products that last longer and help avoid unnecessary downtime.

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