Trelleborg Industrial Anti-Vibration Solutions

We help you remove unwanted vibration and noise

Trelleborg  is still working to protect your people and your processes, creating maximum business value through improved longevity, productivity and cost effectiveness.


Our anti-vibration and suspension solutions prolong the lifetime of your vehicles, increase productivity, improve safety and comfort and help you to achieve environmental objectives.                                                                    

Rail and mass transit solutions

With over 100 years' experience in the global rail market, our superior materials and technology are facilitating faster, smoother, quieter and safer rail travel for a growing global population.

Marine and energy solutions 

Securing assets and investments is our specialty. Our technology supports, protects and enhances reliable performance of marine vessels and equipment in the harshest environments.


Our high performance solutions enable you to fit and forget. Our anti-vibration technologies are the foundation for your sustainable productivity plans in all manufacturing and processing equipment installations.

Product range

Trelleborg specializes in isolation, attenuation and suspension solutions of unshakeable quality and reliability. We protect people and investments with a broad product offering, from mounts and isolators to Dragon Coat fire protection coating, for a range of industries. 

Anti-Vibration Products

Trelleborg Cushyfoot

Developed using carefully selected materials and expert knowledge in polymer engineering, our extensive range of anti-vibration mounts remove unwanted vibration and noise.

Suspension Products

Trelleborg airspring

Our range of suspension solutions can ensure a safe and comfortable journey for rail passengers and improved productivity and performance for off-highway vehicles.

Buffers and Pads

Trelleborg Bobbin

Our selection of high performance buffers and pads are designed to protect structures and equipment from noise, vibration and shock.                                    

Trelleborg Shortlisted for Two UK Rail Industry Awards

Trelleborg Shortlisted for Two UK Rail Industry Awards 

Trelleborg’s industrial anti vibration solutions operation has been nominated for its ground-breaking fire retardant protective coating, DragonCoat, designed for use on rubber components. The company received nominations for ‘Product Innovation’and ‘Design Innovation’ at the coveted UK Rail Industry Awards.

Dragon Coat has been designed to address safety issues across all industries working with rubber components, namely Trelleborg’s anti-vibration and suspension mounts.While retaining the material’s natural elasticity, the innovative fire retardant protective coating, delays the on-set of smoke, toxic emissions and flames. This significantly extends the safe evacuation period in the event of afire for passengers, operators and crew on-board trains and boats for example,while reducing exposure to smoke and toxic fumes.

Industry spotlight: Marine

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