Pipe repair

Pipe system illustration outside private houses
Pipe repair

Renovating pipelines from the inside.

Unlike the open-cut method, 'no-dig'-pipe repair methods contribute significantly to saving energy and protecting the climate, given that construction- and congestion-related emissions caused by dust and CO2 generated as a result of road construction waste, excavation and transporting large excavation volumes are avoided.

With 'no-dig' solutions valuable pavement and green spaces, gardens, parks and residential streets remain untouched. There are no costs for remedial action and trenchless methods are much faster, saving both time and money.

Complete pipeline renovations using hose-liner technology, which has proven itself over many years of use, allows for an average technical service life of 50 years and more.

Hose-lining methods are tested and certified under a multitude of quality-assurance regulations, particularly the "Technical Approvals" issued by the German Center of Competence in Civil Engineering (DIBt).

Blue Dimension™ benefits:

  • Low emissions
  • Energy and resource saving
  • Longer life

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