Noise and Vibration Isolation

Trelleborg bearings at the base of one of Park house towers during construction
Noise & vibration isolation

Ensuring a quiet environment.

As urbanization and resulting infrastructure continue to grow, vibrations caused from traffic and railways cause noise and vibration within buildings. The vibration that passes through the ground and into a building will take advantage of any surface to transmit noise and vibration, effectively turning the surfaces into speakers, amplifying sound.

Especially in increasingly popular multi-use buildings, the requirement for vibration isolation strategies is not only increasing, but becoming more complex too. In particular, stringent specifications for vibration isolation are required for buildings such as concert halls and theatres.

A vibration isolation bearing looks deceptively simple: A block made of rubber layers separated by steel shim plates. However a great deal of engineering work is required to design the right specification for each specific situation. After the rubber compound and steel grade have been selected, the other important main variables to consider are the size of the bearings and the number of blocks.

Trelleborg’s acoustic isolation bearings are designed to greatly reduce the transmission of noise and vibration through a building’s structure. Trelleborg’s vibration isolation projects include the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, 201 Bishopsgate in London, and the RACM building in Amersfoort, Netherlands. 

Blue Dimension™ benefits:

  • Reducing the transmission of noise and vibration to building structures, such as, concert halls, convention centers, residential buildings, movie theatres, opera houses and helicopter pads.


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