Aircraft evacuation slides

Aircraft in airport with yellow evacuation slide ready to be used
Airliner evacuation slides

Stricter rules for passenger evacuation fulfilled.

Trelleborg is one of the leading suppliers of urethane coated material used in the fabrication of aircraft evacuation slides. The nature of emergency products means that you hope they never have to actually be used. But, when they are needed, it is imperative that they are in full working order.

Trelleborg’s material for evacuation slides helps manufacturers meet the latest more stringent guidelines. These included an increase of evacuation rate from 60 to 70 passengers per minute, per lane and the addition of a beam strength test to accommodate three evacuees bunched together when sliding down. Stricter legislation has also decreased inflation time from 25 to 10 seconds, the requirement for side guards and self illuminated slides, as well as deployment capabilities in 25 knot winds. At least five deployment and erection tests must be demonstrated without failure to prove its performance.

Blue Dimension™ benefits:

  • Safe evacuation
  • Performance to meet strict emergency legislation

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