Product Range Updated and Enhanced with Augmented Reality Content

Product Range Augmented!

The Product Range has been updated and enhanced with Augmented Reality content, offering additional digital content beyond the printed catalog.

Fully updated Product Range catalog

To better reflect the expanded variety of products available from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the Product Range catalog has been updated. The product range shows the entire portfolio of standard products and gives information on capabilities for custom solutions, all bundled together in a convenient package. Now included are the latest lubrication management products, such as Turcon® Stepseal® LM, and Silicone Braided Hoses for healthcare & medical applications.

In addition to products, a new segment-specific section has been added and comprehensive information about our digital tools and apps to help customers find the tools and products they need to make their work easier.

Download the App

Using the Augmented Reality (AR) companion app, you can quickly access more detailed product information on the website and navigate the product portfolio with ease. The Product Range App includes:

  • Interactive experience
  • Quick & easy navigation through our product portfolio
  • Link between the physical catalog and the digital app offering through AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Fast & easy access to tools for engineers (e.g. Electronic Catalog, CAD Service)
  • Additional digital content displayed beyond the catalog offering, including industry/segment specific content enhanced with AR
  • Can be used with smartphone (Android & iOS) and a tablet version is coming soon

To take advantage of the AR content, you will need a compatible iOS or Android device. Simply navigate to your app store and search for ‘Trelleborg AR’ to download the companion app.