Orkot® Bearings for Floating Wind Power

A new brochure showcasing the benefits of Orkot® bearings for floating wind platforms is available now. 

In a floating wind market set to double its energy production capacity by 2030, Orkot® bearings, wear rings and thrust pads offer exceptional properties to handle the extreme challenges of the offshore environment, even for today’s larger platforms moored further out to sea.

The brochure catalogues the 60-year heritage of Orkot®, a composite material comprising a woven fabric reinforcement and solid lubricants encased in a thermoset resin matrix, and highlights how it remains a premium material ideal in subsea, mooring, oil and gas, hydro, marine and energy production applications.

This composition gives Orkot® its excellent wear characteristics and long working life, low-friction properties that enhance application efficiency and high resistance to swell, ensuring it remains dimensionally stable in fluid-exposed environments. It is available in a range of materials grades with specific properties.

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