New Podcast series - Insights and beyond

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions releases its first series of podcasts, ‘Insights and Beyond.’ The series of four podcasts made available during the end of 2020, covers current issues that affect society today and discuss how polymer technology needs to respond to them.

Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

The first two podcasts on digitalization focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and feature conversations between Dr. Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, Director Digital Transformation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and two renown researchers. In the first episode he discusses with Prof. Dr. Michael M Resch, Director of HLRS High-Performance Computer Center in Stuttgart, Germany, if AI singularity make our world a fair world. In a further episode he tries to answer the question “Where does AI stand in Industry today” with Niklas Kühl, Head of Applied AI in Services Lab, KIT.

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Kunze, says: “Sensors are increasingly used in equipment today. For companies that are using the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI in their products and its systems, putting sensors in, capturing the data, and analyzing it, is not the challenge. The real challenge is to make sense of the data and act upon it. Every company needs to have a strategy and build its own individual roadmap for this.”

Electrification & eMobility

The episodes on electrification focus on key issues of eMobility and the first presents discussions between Prof. Dr. Konrad Saur, Vice President Innovation & Technology at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Dr. Martin Busche, Farasis Energy Europe. They consider why managing energy and resources is key for future mobility concepts and the question if eMobility can really be sustainable without recycling of resources. 

In the second episode, Axel Weimann, Regional Director Automotive Europe & Director Global Segment Automotive, Trucks & Transportation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions discusses with Stefan von Dobschütz, Managing Director & CCO at Innogy eMobility Solutions, if eMobility will replace all alternatives in the long-term and how sustainable provision of electricity for these vehicles will be.

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