New In the Groove Magazine Available

The latest edition of in the groove, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions magazine aimed at engineers, is now available. 

This issue includes: 


  • On the Fast Track – How Trelleborg is supporting F1 to revolutionize automotive future fueling.
  • Flat Solutions – The HMF FlatSeal™ range stands up to the most demanding of applications.
  • Flying into the Future – Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is revolutionizing the way we travel.
  • Variseal® Oil & Gas Seal Selector – Introducing our new online configuration tool.
  • Electrifying India – The transition to EV in India with our guest columnist Moushumi Mohanty.
  • Powering the Future – Sustainably Green hydrogen for the future.
  • At Your Service – A Q&A with Will Bacon, Trelleborg's ServicePLUS Segment Manager.
  • Send in the Drones – How drone technology is becoming a regular part of life.
  • In Your Own Language – Find out how Jared Ripoli supports our customers with a global but local focus.
  • Mission-Critical – Reliable sealing for extreme semiconductor environments.
  • Visit the New Virtual Showroom – Immerse yourself in innovative sealing technology.
  • Engineered Polymer Solutions – High tech materials and processes for the future.
  • Next Level Sustainability Starts with Design Thinking – Design thinking for circularity and Protecting the Essential.
  • Turning Up the Heat – Material testing ensures compatibility with aggressive cleaning processes.
  • Keep on Trucking – An innovative product to eliminate cavitation damage in diesel engines.

>> Download the PDF

To read all the articles, visit the in the groove magazine online to get the latest news and trends in the world of seals.