The Film Features Seals for FPSOs, Oil & Drilling Rigs, Oil & Gas Subsea Equipment
Oil & Gas
<p>The film features seals for FPSOs, oil &amp; drilling rigs and oil &amp; gas subsea equipment.Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a broad range of sealing solutions for the oil &amp; gas industry with specialized engineered solutions for a multitude of applications. This film features solutions for the swivel stack in detail and shows key sealing and bearing elements for an FPSO&rsquo;s turret, a rig&rsquo;s top drive unit, iron roughneck and production tensioner system along with solutions for Downhole tools, rotary steerable tools, subsea valves, connectors and ROVs.</p><p>English | <a href="" target="_blank">Chinese</a></p>