Lifting Bags 0.5 overview

Key features & benefits

Technical Data

Coupling System

Lifting Bags - coupling system

Type Claw


Lifting Bags Single fitting controller

Single fitting controller

Lifting Bags - Double fitting controller

Double fitting controller

Lifting Bags - FKT controller

FKT controller


Lifting Bags safety valve

Shut-off + safety valve

Lifting bag - Adapter Claw 26

Adapter Claw/26

Lifting Bags - Compressor Blower

Compressor blower


Lifting Bags - Protection Plate

Protection plate wood+top grip

Lifting Bags - Repair Kit

Repair kit

Inflation Hoses

Lifting Bags - Hose red rigid

Red rigid

Liftin Bags - Hose yellow

Yellow rigid

Inflation hose black rigid

Grey rigid

Lifting Bags - Hose green rigid

Green rigid


Rescue & Recovery

Air blower

Air blower

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