"50 by 25"


We work to reduce CO2 in all of the unit’s operations. There are essentially two ways to reduce our carbon footprint: we either choose to shift to renewable energy sources, or we reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy. 


Our commitment to total compliance is deeply embedded in its business ethics. The company abides by all laws and regulations, meets rigorous standards of certification and approval, and is a champion of human rights.

Social engagement

Social engagement means taking part in local community development and acting as a good corporate citizen, all while guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and inclusivity for every Trelleborg employee.

Protecting the environment, people and  infrastructure & assets

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NorDan and Trelleborg work together for a better sustainability
Trelleborg e-Road seal. The road to the future
Polymers for Tomorrow

Polymers for Tomorrow

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Circularity our next step

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Sustainability Report

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Sustainability experts

Sigrid Sandberg

Sigrid Sandberg

Sustainability Business Analyst

Sigrid Sandberg is working to implement the unit’s commitment to sustainable development, growth, and governance.

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