Trelleborgs Next Level Report Says Oil and Gas Suppliers Need to Work Smarter

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Trelleborg’s offshore operation launches its third annual Next Level report. Summarizing professional’s views, it highlights how the oil & gas industry has changed in the last two years, the ways it has evolved to overcome the lower standard oil price and moving forward, how digitalization will have an impact on the industry.
Jo Shailes, Vice President Marketing at Trelleborg’s offshore operation, states: “Following on from the success of our 2015 and 2016 Next Level reports, our goal is not only to continue to identify ways in which the oil & gas industry is responding to challenges, but also to understand where the optimism is within the industry. The Next Level report delves in to the industry and sees corporations focusing on ‘greater operational efficiencies’, how suppliers have improved in the last two years and the perceptions of smart technologies.”

The picture that emerges from the Next Level report is one of an industry ready to move into the next chapter of its transformation. With the optimism of companies looking to expand their operations, focusing on improving operational efficiencies, rehiring and embracing the potentials that smart technologies and automation can bring to their operations. 

“From the report, is it clear that suppliers need to ensure that they are providing new and different solutions, that they are working in a smarter way to be more cost-effective and ensuring that collaboration and responsiveness is at the top of their priorities with their customers,” concludes Shailes.

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