Trelleborg Ranks Higher in Webranking by Comprend

In the latest Webranking by Comprend, Trelleborg has secured the third position among the 125 largest publicly traded Swedish companies and an impressive 12th position among the top 500 European companies. This achievement is a result of our continuous efforts in transparency, sustainability, and effective communication.

Key Highlights:

  • Investor Relations Excellence: Our investor relations section improved, mirroring last year's success. The core criteria score is nearing 80%. Notably, risk management and megatrends, have received a full score, showcasing our dedication to providing comprehensive and insightful investor information.
  • Share Section Consistency: Our share section has remained consistent over the past year, maintaining a high level of performance. It continues to offer valuable information, including detailed insights into dividends and share capital development.
  • Impressive Climb in Rankings: We climbed five places among Swedish companies, moving from eighth to third place, and 17 places among European companies, moving from 29th to the impressive 12th place.
  • Sustainability Communication: We are recognized for our strong communication in sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to responsible business practices and aligning sustainability with our overall corporate strategy.
  • Comprehensive Career Information and 'About Us' Section: We stand out for providing comprehensive career information and a detailed 'About Us' section, reflecting our dedication to showcasing the purpose and goals of Trelleborg.


Patrik Romberg, Senior Vice President, Group Communications & Human Resources at Trelleborg Group, states: "This year, our investor relations section has seen remarkable improvement, with a core criteria score increase of 35 percentage points, approaching an impressive 80%. Notably, criteria such as risk management and megatrends have received a full score, illustrating our commitment to delivering comprehensive and valuable information to our investors.


Trelleborg's consistent success in Webranking by Comprend is a testament to our dedication to transparency, sustainability, and effective communication.”


This achievement underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and sets the stage for further growth in the digital landscape.

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