The right way to handle your wine

Winemaking is hard work. Now an innovative type of handle to maneuver heavy hoses full of wine takes strain off workers in wineries.

In France the grape harvest is over, and vats of wine are starting to bubble and ferment in wineries across the country. As they do, the winemakers at Les Vignerons de Buzet, a cooperative cellar in the Lot et Garonne department of France, are happy to have new Handle-Tech hose handles for manipulating the heavy hoses used to decant wine from tank to vat and from vat to barrel. 

“Winemakers can suffer from repetitive strain injuries and back problems as they have to decant large volumes of grape must during the intensive harvesting and maturation period in the fall,” explains Patrick Hersant, Sales Manager within Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region of central France. “In response, the cooperative cellar of Les Vignerons de Buzet last year ordered Handle-Tech hose and pipe safety handles for all their workers, to improve the safety and efficiency of hose handling.” 

Les Vignerons de Buzet was already a Trelleborg client, supplied with hoses for its cellar, but the Handle- Tech handles, launched around a year ago, are certainly lightening the load. “They’re very happy with the handles,” Hersant says. “Employees no longer need to hitch the hoses onto their shoulders to help move them around, as this can lead to back problems. The handles also reduce exposure to liquids, are easy to clean, and are lightweight and durable. We’re expecting many more clients in the wine industry to follow suit.”


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