T-Time Issue 2 2023 is Now Available

The latest edition of T-Time, Trelleborg Group’s magazine that explores its solutions that seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial environments, is out now.

Articles in this issue include:


Flying high
Meet Trelleborg’s expert who is heading a team that develops solutions for some of the most innovative projects in sustainable air travel. Some of the most exciting new business is in the realm of green aviation. The aerospace industry is working hard to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, improve fuel efficiency and test alternative propulsion systems, such as hydrogen, to make air travel more sustainable. The Trelleborg aerospace team works with customers to optimize the design of aircraft components and find innovative ways to improve fuel efficiency. 

The next big thing
Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, available all around us since time immemorial. So why is it only now being considered as a fundamental part of a more sustainable world? 


“The rapidly expanding market for green hydrogen represents a huge opportunity for Trelleborg. We boast an experience profile across a broad range of industries, and have tackled and solved some of the most demanding and critical sealing issues that have faced engineers. That puts us in a prime position to support our customers in the development of products and equipment that will enable the expansion of green hydrogen use, whether for more sustainable transport or the stabilization of electric grids powered by renewable energy,” says Trelleborg expert James Simpson.

Auto makers go green
A new jounce bumper solution from Trelleborg and Celanese conforms to the sustainability and circularity requirements the automotive industry needs to meet regulatory and consumer demands. The Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomer suspension component can integrate up to four parts into one, making it both durable and recyclable at the end of a vehicle’s life. The product can then be reground and reused.



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