T-Time Issue 3 2023 is Now Available

The latest edition of T-Time, Trelleborg Group’s magazine that explores its solutions that seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial environments, is out now.

Articles in this issue include:

Microchips are manufactured in semiconductor fabrication plants, which are essentially giant cleanrooms with extremely expensive and specialized production equipment. Much of this equipment relies on critical sealing from Trelleborg that can stand up to the particularly harsh conditions of fab processing. 

Pressure ulcers are painful wounds to the skin and underlying tissue caused by long-term pressure to the skin. Advanced medical support surfaces from Trelleborg are vital in their prevention. 

Any new hose development dedicated to food and beverages must follow strict regulations. Rather than having specific hose ranges for each country, Trelleborg’s strategy is to offer the market one range of hoses that meets the legislation and standards in all countries.



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