Trelleborg Further Extends High-Performance Materials Capabilities to Solve the Issue of Extreme Temperatures and Harsh Media

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions solves the most demanding applications with its range of high-performance Isolast® FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) materials, engineered to withstand the most aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures for effective long-life sealing.

Complex custom components can be manufactured using a range of innovative processes and industry leading Isolast® compounds, to provide solutions for applications across industries including semiconductor, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. 


Inderjeet Singh, Product Line Director, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “Material research, development, and testing is undertaken in-house to give full confidence in our Isolast® compound performance. Our testing ensures material purity and cleanliness combined with the lowest outgassing and trace metal content, and the highest thermal stability. To extend the benefits of Isolast® to more applications, we offer an extensive range of manufacturing options that enable the production of high-specification seals from microscale to near-infinite diameters, without mold or flash lines, and unique fully bonded components. These products can improve performance, reduce maintenance requirements and consolidate functions within a single part.”


Fully bonded components are available in a variety of metals, such as stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum, combined with different Isolast® compounds, depending on application conditions. Trelleborg’s bonding process maximizes seal integrity to make cost-effective products that are easy to assemble and combine functions in one part. Isolast® materials can also be strongly bonded to a wide range of different plastic materials to increase cleanliness, provide optimum sealing performance and consolidate multiple parts into one. This extends maintenance intervals, consolidates parts, and reduces secondary operations such as sub-assemblies. 


Semiconductor materials 
Trelleborg’s Isolast® Purefab™ range comprises of leading-edge FFKMs matched to the requirements of the semiconductor industry. Specially formulated compounds are optimized for different operating parameters including high-temperature stability, purity, exceptionally low trace metal content, and outstanding plasma resistance. This reduces particle generation and outgassing in high vacuum conditions, enabling end-users to extend their product maintenance cycles and ensure that process yield is maximized.


Micro Injection molding
Using the latest machinery, tooling, and automation technologies, Trelleborg can manufacture high volumes of micro-components in high-performance materials for critical applications. Flashless, wasteless tool design concepts ensure high precision and quality with short cycle time and automated inspection.


Fleximold™ large diameter seals 
Trelleborg’s FlexiMold™ technology allows high-precision, large diameter O-Rings from 600 mm to near-infinite diameters to be manufactured without the need for a dedicated tool and associated costs, minimizing lead times. The seals produced are of superior quality to standard spliced seals and extruded products, demonstrating the full visual and dimensional integrity of a molded product. 


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