Trelleborg Showcases Cable Protection System at ICOE

Trelleborg’s offshore operation will showcase NjordGuard™, a cable protection system at the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE), a prestigious international event focused on the industrial development of ocean energy on stand D405.

Andy Smith, Business Manager for Developing Markets for Trelleborg’s offshore operation, states: “Our proven expertise in offshore and renewables give us a better understanding of the real needs faced by our customers. Through knowledge transfer, we are able to use our experience and expertise in more established industries to tackle challenges within the power generation sector head on.”

One of the ways that Trelleborg has contributed to solving power generation challenges is in the development of NjordGuard™, a cable protection system for offshore wind cables.

Njordguard™ is an integrated protection system designed and developed to protect offshore windfarm power cables in wind turbine generators and offshore substation platforms. It is easily assembled on a vessel to allow speedy installation, while it’s highly abrasion resistant API 17L certified Uraduct® material enables it to travel over the seabed without damage, extending cable life. Most importantly, it facilitates installation, reuse and removal without diver and ROV intervention, optimizing efficiency and maximizing safety.

In 2018, ICOE is proud to join forces with Seanergy, the first leading international event on Marine Renewable Energies. The purpose of the event is to accelerate development by stimulating collaboration between companies, researchers and development centers. It also targets engagement of operators with experience in related marine and power industry sectors. The ICOE is supported by the International Energy Agency through Ocean Energy Systems.

Trelleborg is at the forefront of a technical evolution, providing innovative solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for energy and is proudly committed to supporting the offshore wind industry.

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