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The cruise industry keeps on growing. Millions of people choose to spend their vacations on a ship, often in the Caribbean. The sight of turquoise-blue waters and white sandy beaches adds to the allure of fine dining and dancing the night away. Behind the scenes, Trelleborg makes sure that passengers and crew alike are safe and comfortable on board.

Fenders prevent damage by absorbing the energy of a ship berthing at a quay. Custom-made anti-vibration and noise-suspension systems optimize comfort, health and safety. But that’s not all. Look around the cruise ship and you’ll find Trelleborg’s products and solutions in many places, inside and outside the ship and on the quaysin the cities and islands you visit.

On the cabin floor and in the restaurant kitchen equipment, the hoses in the pool area, the blood-pressure cuffs and mattresses in the health care area – all over the ship Trelleborg’s products and solutions can be found.

Fenders. With a combination of low reaction force and hull pressure. Trelleborg’s rubber fenders have a good angular performance and rugged construction, suited for even the most demanding marine environments. 

Sea barriers. Floating barriers or booms, easily deployed and maintained are manufactured from Trelleborg’s proven Foam Elastomer technology. They provide a floating exclusion zone on a fixed or temporary basis.

Anti-vibration systems. From small anti-shock mounting to the Super D mount range, these are designed primarily for heavy marine installations requiring increased shock capacity.

Rubber bearings. Synthetic composite bearing materials incorporate solid lubricants to provide exceptional wear resistance, virtually no swell in water and great dimensional stability. 

Propulsion system. The integrity of the propulsion chain from the motor through to the propeller relies on effective sealing systems. 

Inflatable boats and life jackets. Rubber, urethane and other polymers are used to provide optimized coating properties to meet demanding performance requirements. 


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