Pump and roll

A new airport rescue firefighting vehicle from NAFFCO can spray water or foam at a rate of 10,000 liters per minute while approaching a moving plane. Specially designed anti-vibration mounts from Trelleborg ensure that the vehicle operates safely and smoothly in the most difficult of environments.

Firefighting at airports presents unique challenges. Jet fuel is highly flammable, and the weather can be unpredictable. Teams must respond rapidly to outbreaks of fire on large aircraft using methods that require specialized equipment and tactics.


The ARFF (airport rescue firefighting) vehicle from Dubai-based manufacturer NAFFCO succeeds in such conditions. While typical fire trucks must be stationary to pump water, the ARFF can deliver water or foam at a rate of 10,000 liters per minute while approaching a moving target. The feature is vital in protecting passengers when a plane is conducting an emergency landing with a fire on board.


“The pump and roll aspect is what makes the vehicle truly unique,” says Ali Al-Khatib, Managing Director at NAFFCO. “The design process required collaboration from engineers, fire safety experts and manufacturers, so our team has expertise in everything from firefighting tactics and fire suppression systems to vehicle engineering and hydraulics.” 


NAFFCO produces 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 ARFF vehicles, ranging from 500 to 900 horsepower. Equipped with foam and water turrets operated remotely, some vehicles even have thermal imaging cameras to locate hotspots or victims in low-visibility conditions. 


The new ARFF vehicles feature Trelleborg anti-vibration mounts specially designed to reduce the transmission of vibration and shock to the vehicle’s chassis and crew. The mounts are durable, reliable and easy to maintain, and they ensure that the vehicle operates smoothly in the most challenging environments.


“Tackling a fire while rolling can produce a huge amount of vibration, which threatens the safety of the crew and the integrity of the sensitive equipment inside the vehicle,” Al-Khatib says. “The less the vehicle vibrates, the more effective the crew can be.”


NAFFCO opted to work with Trelleborg to develop the vehicle because of its reputation for “producing high-quality products that effectively reduce vibration and shocks,” he adds. “NAFFCO’s products are all about quality, and the same goes for Trelleborg, which is why the partnership worked.” 


NAFFCO has sold “hundreds” of ARFFs all over the world, Al-Khatib says. Travelers are likely to glimpse one at high-traffic airports that are more likely to have dedicated ARFF teams. The company plans to manufacture more than 200 ARFFs in 2024 at its facility in Dubai.


“Providing high-quality, reliable products to people doing vital work in hazardous environments lies at the core of our purpose as a company,” says Jonathan Wills, who heads up marketing for Trelleborg’s anti-vibration solutions. “By reducing vibration and shock transmission to the vehicle’s chassis and cab, we are ensuring the safety and comfort of the firefighters who operate it whilst protecting sensitive onboard equipment.” 


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