New watertight seals for high pressure potable water pipe rehabilitation

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has launched two new trenchless technology sealing solutions for high pressure, potable water applications.
Specifically developed for pipe rehabilitation, the two new seals provide a watertight seal for most types of pipe including steel, cast iron, concrete and plastic. The lead-free, NSF approved I-Lock-P™ Mechanical Seal and L-Lock-P™ Liner End Seal, are easily installed using a high force hydraulic expansion tool and are available in multiple diameters. The L-Lock-PTM is a rubber liner end seal with stainless steel expansion bands, designed to keep the liner firmly in place. The I-Lock-PTM is a mechanical seal applied in an unlined pipe to repair cracked or damaged sections.

Tim Sparrow, Director of Sales, Americas for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, says: “Pipeline system owners are under increasing pressure to repair aging and failing pipelines, while minimizing the impact on the community, traffic and environment. Previously reserved for sewerage and wastewater systems, pipe relining is steadily on the rise in potable water applications. Due to the high pressure of the water travelling through the pipes, a more resilient solution is required as there is a risk of water getting between the liner and the pipe. 

“Using our engineering expertise in polymer solutions for demanding environments, we have developed a new high performance mechanical seal and liner end seal which can easily and quickly be installed. Both products have been tested and certified lead-free and safe for potable water use. This enables pipeline owners to extend the service life of their existing water main pipelines.”

The I-Lock-P™ Mechanical Seal is designed to stop leaks by covering the damaged part of a pipe with a flexible seal. It is compressed against the inside diameter of the pipe, ranging from 16 – 96 inches, using expansion bands. The rubber seal can repair a variety of gap lengths and is available in two widths plus an extension rubber. 

The L-Lock-P™ Liner End Seal is designed to prevent exfiltration and infiltration and the liner end, by covering the interface between the liner end and the host pipe. It is available in diameters ranging from 6-96 inches. The seal has a ribbed structure at both ends that, when compressed by the steel bands, provides a water tight seal. 

Austin Milburn, Lead Installer for Trutest Seals, says: “In the past, we’ve struggled to get the install tool wedged between the jacking pads of expansion bands, but Trelleborg’s design will make this process much easier. Also, the install tool will be much easier to carry through the pipe. I really like that you can hold it with one hand and it can be disconnected from the pump and hose.”

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