Trelleborg Group management subscribe for options

Trelleborg’s Group management, comprising nine individuals including the President and CEO, have subscribed for a total of 150,000 call options in Trelleborg AB. Trelleborg’s principal owner, Henry Dunker Donation Fund & Foundations, has via AB Hevea offered Group management the opportunity to subscribe for options.

Trelleborg AB did not participate in the offer and will not be charged with any earnings effect related to the program. 

Group management acquired 12,500 call options each, except the President and CEO who acquired 50,000 call options, at a price of SEK 9.86 per call option. Each call option entitles the holder to purchase one Series B share at a call price of SEK 175.83. The valuation of the call options has been performed by an independent party according to standard methods. The options have a term of five years. 

The principal owner’s intention in introducing the program is to encourage Group management and the President and CEO’s long-term commitment to the company.