Nomination Committee and proposed new chairman at Trelleborg AB prior to 2018 Annual General Meeting

Hans Biörck is being proposed as new Chairman of the Board

At Trelleborg’s Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2017, the Chairman of the Board was assigned the task of asking the five largest shareholders, in terms of votes registered on August 31, 2017, to appoint one member each to the Nomination Committee prior to the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

The following have agreed to participate in the Nomination Committee:

Ragnar Lindqvist, Dunker Interests
Henrik Didner, Didner & Gerge Funds
Peter Lagerlöf, Lannebo Funds
Tomas Risbecker, AMF & AMF Funds
Olof Jonasson, First AP Fund

The Chairman of the Board, Sören Mellstig, has after ten years as a board member, including five years as its Chairman, declared that he is not available for re-election. The Nomination Committee has therefore today decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting 2018, the election of current Director, Hans Biörck, as the new Chairman of the Board.

Hans Biörck has been a Director of the Board of Trelleborg since 2009. He has in recent years devoted his time to directorships and is Chairman of Skanska AB and board member of Bure Equity AB, Crescit Asset Management AB and Dunker Interests. He was previously CFO of Skanska AB, Autoliv Inc. and Esselte AB. Hans Biörck has a long and broad experience of businesses working in international markets, where he has actively been involved on issues related to strategy, growth and structural changes. In addition to this, Hans Biörck has also a good knowledge of Trelleborg. The Nominating Committee believes that he is a very appropriate person to chair the board of Trelleborg AB.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in Trelleborg, Sweden, on April 25, 2018, at 17:00 CET.

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals regarding candidates for the Board of Trelleborg may address these by e-mail to, directly to the Chairman of the Board Sören Mellstig or any of the above mentioned members of the Nomination Committee.