Trelleborg strengthens its production process in brake shims

Acquires PressoNova in Kalmar with SEK 35 M in sales

Trelleborg, through its Trelleborg Automotive business area, has signed an agreement to acquire the privately owned Swedish company PressoNova AB, with about 30 employees and sales of approximately SEK 35 M.

PressoNova is currently a subcontractor to Trelleborg and conducts cutting work for Trelleborg’s production of brake linings, so-called brake shims, for the automotive market. Trelleborg has a world-leading position in brake shims.

“Through this acquisition, we will strengthen our production process and gain increased control in the value chain, which will generate an immediate positive effect operationally and financially,” says Roger Johansson, President of the Trelleborg Automotive business area. “The brake shims segment already generates positive profitability and has strong development potential.”

PressoNova AB has its head office and production in Kalmar.
The operation will be integrated into the Trelleborg Automotive business area.

The takeover of PressoNova AB is expected to occur during the third quarter.