Competition issues at French subsidiary

The US Department of Justice announced yesterday that they are investigating an alleged cartel with respect to certain types of marine hoses used to transport oil.

The investigation encompasses several international companies including one of Trelleborg’s French subsidiaries, Trelleborg Industrie SAS. In connection with the investigation, two managers of Trelleborg Industrie SAS were arrested yesterday in the US. They have since been released. In conjunction with the investigation in the US, the European Union competition authorities are also conducting a similar investigation at Trelleborg Industrie SAS’s site in Clermont Ferrand in France.

The operation targeted by the investigation accounts for a small part of the Groups sales in France. The operations had sales in 2006 of approx. SEK 250 M.

Trelleborg has a very clear and well communicated policy to adhere to applicable competition laws. Should the allegation of cartel activities prove to be correct this is serious and obviously completely unacceptable.

Trelleborg Industrie SAS is responding to questions from the authorities and has handed over the materials requested to them. No formal request have been made by the authorities. The investigation is being closely monitored at Group level.