Acquisition value of spun-off Boliden shares established

Acquisition value of spun-off Boliden shares established The decision was taken at the Trelleborg Annual General Meeting on April 22, 1999, to pay the company's shareholders a cash dividend of SEK 2 (two) per share and a dividend of Trelleborg's holding of shares in Boliden Ltd - in proportion to the individual shareholder's holding in Trelleborg AB. Regardless of share type, one share in Trelleborg entitles the holder to 0.3908 shares in Boliden. Sweden's National Tax Board has established the acquisition value of the Boliden common stock spun off to Trelleborg AB shareholders at SEK 16.50 per share. Accordingly, the dividend value for 0.3908 of a share in Boliden has been established at SEK 6.45. Please address any questions regarding the above to Trelleborg AB's Chief Legal Counsel, Lars Wallenberg, telephone: +46 410 670 41, or to the Trelleborg AB Corporate Communications Department, telephone: +46 410 670 00. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: