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For the maritime pilot operating in confined and busy waterways and ports, the SafePilot CAT II offers a precise, reliable tool for navigation and berthing, providing all required navigational data and a large range of options for additional real-time data integration. The CAT II is completely independent of the ship’s sensors. CAT II uses both GPS (L1) and GLONASS (L1) satellites and is prepared for Gallileo. It is available in 4 versions: 

- GPS/GLONASS uncorrected 
- Differential corrections via SBAS 
- Differential corrections via UHF 
- Differential corrections via 3G / 4G

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“All in one unit” with minimum set-up time


Low weight <3.8 kg 

(incl. options such as integrated AIS receiver and UHF link)

Highly accurate and reliable data for berthing and maneuvering


Kalman filtering in the unit eliminates errors caused by the WIFI package transfer


Automatic base line calculation


Large range of options for live data and system integration via SafePilot Port Server


Easily portable in a padded back pack or hard case



For high precision (<0.4m) 2D positioning and docking maneuvers

Docking in confined waters
⮚ Offshore operations
⮚ Specialized ships
⮚ Tankers
⮚ Chemical carriers

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